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How to choose a photo shoot location – Part II

So here’s the actual shots that I did on Karla’s shoot.  We met at 10am and thank goodness, because the weather was unseasonably warm that day.  I don’t think Karla could have lasted in jeans and a sweater for much longer!

Below I’ve included the original “scouting” shot for each location as well as some of my favorites from the actual shoot.  I’ve added a few tips about how I did each shot to help you the next time you have a special person or occassion to photograph.

Location 1

And here is the final shot.

Tip #1 SHADE!  By making the session time early in the day, the harsh shadows were eliminated.  I also moved Karla into the shady spot in front of the wall.

Location 2 - Loved the color and texture of this brick wall.

Location 3 - architectural details!

Tip #2 Remember to change your angles. You can be next to the wall or railing, rather just shooting your subject straight on.

Tip #3 DISTANCE! Change the distance you are away from your subject.  Do some full length, 3/4 length ( like this one), and close ups to give your subject options.

Tip #4 CHANGE your subject!  Change up the way your subject is standing, sitting, holding their arms.   Change it up with every shot!  I hate to say the word “POSE” since I didn’t actually tell Karla to put her arms this way….I just told her to do something different.

Location 4

There were some tough shadows here due to the intense sunlight. Also, there was a green cast on Karla because of the arbor overhead. I was able to color-correct most of this in Photoshop.

Tip #5 Sometimes it doesn’t always work out as you plan.    You may have chose a particular spot and then find out during the shoot that it’s just not perfect.  Be flexible.  If it’s not working, move somewhere else.  I had to discard a lot of the shots I took in this location because the lighting was just too extreme.  If the problem was just a color issue, for example, if you were in a very yellow room which turned everything in your photo yellow, you could always just make it a black and white shot!

So, instead of shooting Karla under the arbor I moved her to where the arbor was in the background. Granted, it wasn't in shade, but it was such an elegant spot I couldn't resist.

Tip #6 Vary expressions.  Every photo does not need to have the person smiling and looking at the camera.

Notice the two completely different moods of these the exact same location. Different expression, different distance, different angle!

Location 5

Tip #7 Do the unexpected.  Thought I was going to sit Karla on the steps did ya?

OK, OK I sat her on the steps too! Personally I think this pic would be great for Karla's next magazine article profiling her business.

Tip #8 Keep your eyes open.  You may walk around the corner of the building a find a cool wall that you didn’t see on your first trip.  This turned out to be one of my favorites of the day and we just happened upon it!

Tip #9 Keep your EARS open too!  Sometimes the best ideas come from the person you are photographing.  While they may not always know why a location does or doesn’t work…..they may just find that spot that you didn’t see… be sure to at least listen!

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  • Chrissy GlenMay 8, 2010 - 8:20 pm

    Oh my word…these are amazing! What great tips! Thank you 🙂 You rock!

  • LindseyMay 11, 2010 - 12:25 pm

    Not only are they great tips but they are GORGEOUS photos! Karla is beautiful and clearly didn’t need much work 🙂

  • Karla TrotmanMay 11, 2010 - 2:09 pm

    I am delighted with these shots. Linda didn’t mention that the photo shoot took 45 minutes. She was so easy going and fun. We laughed and I had a great time. If you ever need professional shots that aren’t uptight, call Linda.

    Thanks Lindsey! Linda did all the heavy lifting (posing, shooting, correcting).