Rachel’s Hot Pink Bat Mitzvah – [Blue Bell Photographer]

Rachel’s amazing bat mitzvah celebration was at one of my favorite places, Meadowlands C.C. in Blue Bell, PA.  It’s always a fun night when I photograph an event there.  Not only does it take a fun family, but also a great team of people to make the night fantastic!

Entertainment – All Around Entertainment

Decor – Starry Nite Party Designs

Cake – RL Cake Designs

blue bell bat mitzvah

bat mitzvah blue bell


meadowlands country club mitzvah
room details mitzvah
hot pink blue bat mitzvah theme
bat mitzvah hot pink
bat mitzvah logo
fun bat mitzvah portrait


fun bat mitzvah pic
twirling bat mitzvah pic
rachel blog2
meadowlands mitzvah

hora without chair

Just when you think you have seen everything…..the hora sans chair!

bat mitzvah dance shot
family pic bat mitzvah
candle lighting kid pic
hora bat mitzvah

hora without chair

Just when you think you’ve seen everything….the hora without a chair!

bat mitzvah selfie
all around entertainment
bat mitzvah party
mitzvah party
mitzvah celebration
bat mitzvah family
bat mitzvah s
bat mitzvah end of the night photo

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Love what you do! It matters! (Philadelphia Photographer)

I started as a wedding & event photographer when I was 19 years old, armed with my trusty Mamiya C330 medium format camera in my hand and a Lumedyne strobe battery back over my shoulder. I photographed more than 200 weddings over about 10 years. While it was incredibly hard work, it was also a lot of fun. Still, something was missing. The high cost of film and developing limited how many images photographers could take. Long checklists of shots required by the studio meant there was little room for creativity in the mix.

I felt very stifled creatively so I made a career change to publishing, applying my skills producing images and albums to magazines.  As a Type A multi-tasker and organizer, it seemed like a good fit. I had just gone through a divorce and the new career left my weekends free to make friends and have fun.  My salary even allowed me to buy my own house.  It was all great…for a while.  But over time, the high-pressure environment, stress, office politics, and a lack of feelings of accomplishment took their toll. While the job provided me with a better life, having that stress on a daily basis is not really something anyone should have. It doesn’t make for a better life.

I came to realize that something else was missing from my career.  I had the security of my salary, I had the challenging job that fit my skills, but I was missing creativity in my life.  I was missing the fulfillment that comes from creating something totally unique.  I was missing the joy of bringing my art to people and having them be as excited about it as I am.

Finally, it happened—digital photography came into being.  It changed my world.  Suddenly I could be the photographer I had always wanted to be.  The number of images I could take was no longer limited, so I could take those playful shots, creative shots, and capture the little details that help tell the story. I had always wanted to learn Photoshop to edit images and create album designs and now it was all a possibility.  


snoopy snow cone machine, early entrepreneurship


As far back as I could remember, starting with dreams of a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine as a kid, I had always wanted to have my own business. I even picked a toy cash register out of the Sears Catalog to add to my Christmas list. So, in 2008, I started my business, Linda Morrow Photography. Of course, running a small business comes with its own set of stressors. I’m not just a photographer; I’m a marketing person, a salesperson, an accountant, a webmaster, an executive assistant, and owner just to name a few.  Having your own business means constantly learning and pushing forward in many, many areas.  It’s not easy, not at all.  And, now that I have twins, it’s even more challenging. Yet, I would describe the past seven years as AWESOME, AMAZING, CREATIVE and FULFILLING.  In the first few years I put all of my profits (if there were any) back into my business and into any education I could get my hands on. I don’t make a salary anywhere near what I used to make in publishing. At least not yet. But I get to create and share the work I love, build long-term relationships with my amazing clients, challenge myself, and know at the end of the day that I’ve created the better life I wanted for myself and my family.










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The Photo Cover Album – Linda Morrow Photography

I made a few 2015 New Year’s resolutions about my photography business.  One is to try to blog more.  There just never seems enough time and there are so many great bar mitzvahs to share.  The other is to show off some of the products that LMP offers.  So for once, I finally remembered to take photos of someone’s album before I deliver it!

This is the photo cover album that I offer.  I love, love, love it because the cover is totally customized to each client’s event.  The design can match the decor and theme of the event. The cover can go along with the theme of the party or be more service-oriented. I’m not the only one who loves the photo cover album.  It’s the most popular album that I offer. The Ruby album is 10×10 size and the Sapphire album is 12×12.



photo cover album, bar/bat mitzvah album, bar mitzvah album

The photo cover wraps all the way around the album.


bar mitzvah main line, main line photographer

Another awesome feature is that the pages lay flat for as you turn them.


bar mitzvah album, kid shot mitzvah, WHCC, white house custom color

Check this out! Can you see the gutter? It barely interrupts the image at all.

bar/bat mitzvah, photo cover album, mitzvah album

And of course, it comes in a presentation box as well.


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