The Easter Bunny has arrived! {Wyndmoor Photographer}

Not only was it almost Easter, but my little girls were turning 18 months old.  So, I called over their bestie, Katie, and my bestie, Kelly and we attempted a photo shoot.  Now it’s not easy wrangling two very mobile toddlers so I don’t know what I was thinking adding a third. It will be a life quest to get them all in a photo together, but having them all dressed up and having fun was close enough this time!

easter portrait session bunny ears


I’m a photographer.  I’m always the one behind the camera.  Every once in a while I panic because I realize I have no recent photos with my babies.   I had planned to try at Thanksgiving, but we were all sick, then at Christmas, but the babies were not having it.  So, for Easter I once again made a wish! Grandpa was happy to help.  There was no screaming this time on the babies’ part. Yay!

easter family photo wyndmoor photographer

And then, the babies had their first Easter egg hunt.  It was chilly but they didn’t care.  They were so giddy to be outside.  They didn’t even know there was anything inside the eggs!

easter egg hunt photography

Twins Easter Egg Hunt

It’s special moments like this that make me so happy to be a photographer.   I get teary-eyed even now just looking back on the (million) photos I took just last year.  I can’t say I ever regret doing a fun photo shoot or having my camera with me so I can remember every minute.

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Jamie’s Broadway-themed Bat Mitzvah Celebration {Lafayette Hill Photographer}

Jamie had an amazing party to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah at the ACE Conference Center in Lafayette Hill, PA.  Jamie has loved the theater since she was little so a Broadway-themed event was the perfect choice!

broadway themed bat mitzvah

broadway bat mitzvah details

And of course, there is always paparazzi when a Broadway star arrives!

bat mitzvah paparazzi

Real stars stay grounded and never forget their friends….

lafayette hill photography

Bat Mitzvah Photographer ACE Center

Jamie and her brother gave a special performance to kick off the celebration!

bat mitzvah special moment

ace conference center bat mitzvah photographer

I just love this Broadway alternative to the traditional candle lighting ceremony.

mitzvah candle lighting alternative

ace center bat mitzvah photographer

bat mitzvah toasts

This is where it gets really exciting.  In the middle of Dad’s speech, he surprised Jamie with a special message from one of her favorite musical artists in the world.  Yep, that is really Justin Bieber.  He not only wished Jamie congratulations on her Bat Mitzvah, he sang and danced just for her as well! Way to go Daddy!

special message from justin bieber
Time to party!

bat mitzvah celebration ace conference center
lafayette hill photographer

ace conference center bat mitzvah

ace conference center mitzvah hora

Bat mitzvah photographer chestnut hill

bat mitzvah family portrait

What a wonderful family.  They made my job so much fun!

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An amazing mitzvah project! {Wyndmoor photographer} | My Website - [...] a VERY worthy deed by 16-year old Jordan Fromm.  I met his family when I photographed his sister, Jamie’s Bat Mitzvah at the beginning of the year.  His dad recently told me about the charity Jordan formed in 2009, [...]

Jamie becomes a bat mitzvah! [Blue Bell photographer]

It was my pleasure to photograph Jamie’s Bat Mitzvah in January at Tiferet Bet Israel in Blue Bell, PA.  What a gorgeous and really nice family.

tbi blue bell

We did some portraits on the Bema with the Torah and some wonderful family shots….

bat mitzvah torah portraits

And then we started to have some fun…….

fun synagogue portraits mitzvah

fun bat mitzvah photographer pa

While being a photographer is hard work, I usually have a lot of fun on my photo sessions.    My job becomes even better when I have a fun family AND an awesome location.  Jamie’s mom and I were trying to think of a place near the synagogue where we could do portraits.  I mentioned this barn I’ve been eying up for years and she happened to know the person who owned it.  When we both pulled our cars up next to each other in front of the barn, we looked at each other and clapped giddily.  They didn’t care if it was cold, they were having as much fun as I was.

mitzvah family portraits blue bell

I include an outdoor portrait session with all of my mitzvah packages.  We usually do the session right before or after our ceremony pre-enactment.  Many times the family will change into what they are going to wear the night of the party.  This family chose a more casual look which matches  perfectly to the location. (And I could ask them to sit on the ground!)

barn bat mitzvah portraits

It’s a photographer’s lucky day when she has a fun family, a cool barn & 47 degree weather in January!

Check back soon for a recap of Jamie’s fabulous Broadway-themed celebration!

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