Jena’s Maternity Session

Since it’s event season, I’ve been pretty busy on the weekends and haven’t been able to do many maternity sessions lately.  I forgot how much fun they are!

I spoke to Jena on the phone about what she wanted her photo session to be like.  She had done in-studio sessions with other photographers for her two other babies and wanted to do something different this time.  She sent me a secret pinterest board of her likes.  I was very flattered to see that a photo from one of my sessions was pinned there. The pinterest board also had a lot of nature, woodsy-type of images.  However, Jena described her dress to me and said she thought since it was black maybe a more edgy, modern feel would be good too.  Then, she asked if I knew of any good stone walls.  Ding!  Ding! and Ding! I happened to have a location in my back pocket that would be PERFECT for this shoot. Now this is getting exciting!

We went to two locations and I went a little crazy with how many photos I took, so here are just a few highlights.  Which style is your favorite?


modern maternity session


maternity photo on stairs, model shoot

philadelphia maternity photography

montgomery county maternity photographer


maternity photo stone wall

lower gwynedd maternity photographer

stone wall maternity image

maternity photography Chestnut Hill PA


woodsy maternity session

nature maternity photos

natural maternity photography

woodsy maternity session

natural maternity photography philadelphia

fun natural maternity session

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Maddie H - I love this post! So many great photos!

An amazing mitzvah project! {Wyndmoor photographer}

In the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and have met some truly amazing families.  I’m not Jewish, so finding out about the Bar and Bat Mitzvah traditions has been a great learning experience.  Recently I discovered that many kids that are celebrating their Bar/Bat Mitzvah also take on a special charitable project.  It turns out that”mitzvah” not only means a commandment of the Jewish law, but it also means a charitable act or worthy deed.

I heard about a VERY worthy deed by 15-year old Jordan Fromm.  I met his family when I photographed his sister, Jamie’s Bat Mitzvah at the beginning of the year.  His dad recently told me about the charity Jordan formed in 2009, called Shutouts for Kids, when he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah.  So, a shutout, for those who don’t know hockey like myself, is when a goalie keeps the other team from scoring the entire game.  Jordan gets donations based on how many shutouts he gets per season.  To date, Jordan has raised over $30,000 to benefit the Ed Snider Youth Foundation and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  Truly amazing!

bar mitzvah project

When Jordan’s dad called to ask if I could contribute something to the silent auction at the hockey banquet at Jordan’s school, I said OF COURSE!  So if you are going to the Wissahickon High School & Middle School hockey banquet in a few weeks, be sure to bid on my family session!

If you’d like to help out Jordan’s charity, please check out!








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The Easter Bunny has arrived! {Wyndmoor Photographer}

Not only was it almost Easter, but my little girls were turning 18 months old.  So, I called over their bestie, Katie, and my bestie, Kelly and we attempted a photo shoot.  Now it’s not easy wrangling two very mobile toddlers so I don’t know what I was thinking adding a third. It will be a life quest to get them all in a photo together, but having them all dressed up and having fun was close enough this time!

easter portrait session bunny ears


I’m a photographer.  I’m always the one behind the camera.  Every once in a while I panic because I realize I have no recent photos with my babies.   I had planned to try at Thanksgiving, but we were all sick, then at Christmas, but the babies were not having it.  So, for Easter I once again made a wish! Grandpa was happy to help.  There was no screaming this time on the babies’ part. Yay!

easter family photo wyndmoor photographer

And then, the babies had their first Easter egg hunt.  It was chilly but they didn’t care.  They were so giddy to be outside.  They didn’t even know there was anything inside the eggs!

easter egg hunt photography

Twins Easter Egg Hunt

It’s special moments like this that make me so happy to be a photographer.   I get teary-eyed even now just looking back on the (million) photos I took just last year.  I can’t say I ever regret doing a fun photo shoot or having my camera with me so I can remember every minute.

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