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I made a few 2015 New Year’s resolutions about my photography business.  One is to try to blog more.  There just never seems enough time and there are so many great bar mitzvahs to share.  The other is to show off some of the products that LMP offers.  So for once, I finally remembered to take photos of someone’s album before I deliver it!

This is the photo cover album that I offer.  I love, love, love it because the cover is totally customized to each client’s event.  The design can match the decor and theme of the event. The cover can go along with the theme of the party or be more service-oriented. I’m not the only one who loves the photo cover album.  It’s the most popular album that I offer. The Ruby album is 10×10 size and the Sapphire album is 12×12.



photo cover album, bar/bat mitzvah album, bar mitzvah album

The photo cover wraps all the way around the album.


bar mitzvah main line, main line photographer

Another awesome feature is that the pages lay flat for as you turn them.


bar mitzvah album, kid shot mitzvah, WHCC, white house custom color

Check this out! Can you see the gutter? It barely interrupts the image at all.

bar/bat mitzvah, photo cover album, mitzvah album

And of course, it comes in a presentation box as well.


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Emily’s Bat Mitzvah (ACE Conference Center – Lafayette Hill Photographer)

2014 was a busy year to say the least! OK, I have twin three year olds so every year since 2011 has been a bit nuts.  This year I also had the pleasure of photographing many, many great families as well.  This family stood out because of how loving and sweet they are.  It’s wonderful being at an event where everyone in the room can feel that.  Some of the best parts of photographing Bar & Bat Mitzvahs are the feelings of family and friendship.


bat mitzvah portrait brick wall

How do you get outdoor portraits when it’s raining? Get lucky like we did and find a covered outdoor patio overlooking the golf course! Whew!

lafayette hill bat mitzvah photography

Does Emily look EXACTLY like her mom or what???


ace center bat mitzvah

See what I mean? They are totally the sweetest!


modern bat mitzvah photographer

Brick wall!!!! My favorite!

Linda Morrow Photography_lafayette_hill_photographer
congregation or ami bat mitzvah

Check out the amazing event decor by Let’s Party with Valerie! Valerie & her team always make each event so special!

cupcake cake mitzvah purple aqua

Chevron! LOVE!


fun sign-in ideas bat mitzvah

Write a wish upon a stone for Emily

wishing stone bat mitzvah idea

photo lampshade bat mitzvah idea centerpiece place card table

I NEEEEED a photo lampshade like this!

baby photo table number mitzvah ideas chevron

What a great idea for a table number!

bat mitzvah ace conference center room decor ideas hot pink paper lanterns
mitzvah card box idea
ace conference center bat mitzvah
lafayette hill bat mitzvah photographer
lafayette hill bat mitzvah photography
lafayette hill bar/bat mitzvah photographer
bat mitzvah selfie
bat mitzvah photography dance dad
dad daughter dance bat mitzvah
ace conference center bat mitzvah
mitzvah photographer montgomery county PA
bat mitzvah candle lighting
bat mitzvah candle lighting aqua
mitzvah photography montgomery county PA
mitzvah photographer montgomery county PA
mitzvah photographer montgomery county PA

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Kelly - That looks like so much fun! Love that idea for the table numbers, too.

Tips for Photographing Your Children (Main Line Photographer)

My photography career has undergone a shift in the past few years.  I now photograph bar/bat mitzvahs almost exclusively.  Every once in a while I’ll do a family portrait session or corporate shoot for a great client but bar & bat mitzvahs keep me pretty busy these days.  As the mom of twin toddler girls, every day is a juggling act.  It always happens the same way….one day I’m at my computer editing and I suddenly realize this photographer/mom has completely forgotten to take a REAL non-IPhone portrait of my girls in months.  GASP!

I may be just a little biased, but I do love photographing my girls. They are almost three and most of the time they love each other a lot. Don’t let their little cherub faces fool you, just like any toddlers, they don’t stay still.  It’s a crazy, crazy endeavor to make a photo session happen successfully.  I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned along the way for other moms attempting a photo shoot.

Here’s a few tips if you are planning to take some images of your kids:

1) Keep the session short. 10-15 minutes tops!

2) Put their outfits on at the very last minute.  A lot of times the best expressions are because they are so excited about their new outfits. This also keeps them looking nice.

3) Bring a wingman! Someone needs to round up the toddler (or toddlers in my case) while you are holding your camera.

4) Go LOW! Another reason you need a wingman, you need to get down to your children’s eye level. Squatting or kneeling rather than sitting is best since you will need to move fast!

5) Give limited direction. A photo session can be very overstimulating. Just put your kids in a spot and let them interact with the surroundings, a prop or each other.   Every once in a while, give a “now look at each other”,”look at Mommy” or “hold hands”. If they are getting bored send them to a new spot.

6) Keep the mood light even if they are not cooperating. There is always tomorrow. You want having their photo taken to stay a positive experience for them….and for the next time!

7) Pick the best time. Since you don’t have to make an appointment with a photographer, pick the best time for your kids. This session was right after lunch. We changed into our outfits right before we left the restaurant so there were no spills.

8) Go with the flow. Even I’m not perfect. My slip up was not bringing a brush. My daughter fell asleep on the way and her hair was a mess. All I had was a baby comb which didn’t do a great job. She wasn’t interested in doing photos without her sister so I just let it be and took more of the girls together.

9) Don’t tell them to smile.  Make them smile. Say a funny word.  Make a funny face or noise.  Or just let them make whatever face they want to make.  I love capturing all of my girls’ expressions as you’ll see below.

10) Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.  I took over 100 images.  Here are the best ones.


twin toddler photography tips

children photography tips
helpful child portrait tips

tips for photographing children

Little Miss wasn’t into individual portraits that day. She looked away or made faces anytime I tried. This was actually a photo of both of my girls and the other was looking away. I just cropped it closer.

tips for photographing twins

It may seem like these are posed, but the girls were in motion the whole time!

fun kid expressions

Every photo doesn’t have to be a smiling one. I love when my kids show all sides of their personalities in photos.

tips for photographing small children
outdoor child portrait session tips

main line photography

twin toddler photography tips




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Kelly - Love these! They really do capture so much of the joy of the girls. :) And great tips…one of our favorite shots of our kiddo is one where she looks contemplative rather than smiley. Just caught a really good moment on the fly. I do need to pull out the good camera once in a while, too! You’ve inspired me to try again. :)